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  • 12′ RMR Package

    This package includes:

    12' RMR with standard I beam floor
    3 bay Breakdown Frame
    50 Qt K2 cooler
    Cobra Oar Locks
    8' Sawyer MX shafts/ Smoker blades
    Custom straps
    Trailer Straps

    Contact Us for Pricing on this or ant others packages.

  • 13′ RMR Package

    This package includes:
    2016 13' RMR with drop stitch floor.
    3 bay breakdown Frame
    9' sawyer mx oars with Smoker blades.
    Cobra Oar locks
    Canyon Prospector Cooler 105qt

    Contact us for a Price quote and color availability.

  • Super Puma package

    Here are some pics of a custom package we put together for a customer in Montana.