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  • 5 Gal Bucket Harness


    This Harness is designed to attach to the bucket with zip ties so that is doesn’t fall off when the top strap is not secured.

    This Item is Made To Order

  • All Weather Tarp Shelter

    If you are looking for a Tarp set up that is solid and won’t break the bank, This one is made For You! Available in multiple sizes to accommodate your group.

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  • Placeholder

    Aluminium Box Pads


    Our Box Pads are a great alternative to way to provide padding for your  aluminium boxes

  • Cam Straps


    These Cam straps provide superior abrasion resistance and will outlast others on the market.
    2.5'=$6.45 4'=$7.10 6'=$7.50 9'=$8.10 12’=$9

    1.5″ Frame straps 4'=$10

    These items are Made To Order

  • Custom Dish Racks


    Every good river kitchen needs a place to dry your dishes. Our version provides lots of storage and can be custom sized for you specific table.

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  • Drop N Go Bag


    Our Drop N Go Bag is a revolutionary design that increases efficiency when rigging your boat. Simply place your gear in the bag, cover it and then strap.

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  • Fire Pan Bag


    This bags keeps your fire pan contained and your boat clean. No Zippers to fail and a secure way to attach your investment makes this a must have item.

    In stock as of 9/10/21

  • Firepan & Stove Bags


    This bag has a closure that avoids zippers and uses cam buckles because your firepan and/or stoves are often dirty.

  • Grab-n-go Mesh Duffle


    Keep your personal gear organized and be ready to grab-n-go at a moments notice.

  • Hats


    Hats are back for 2016 in new colors with the same great material options.

  • Keep it Cooler Pad


    Our Cooler Pads are padded for comfort and to shield UV rays. They are made to take a beating and each pad is made to fit your cooler lid. The order form is in the product gallery. Follow the instructions on the form.

    To Download and print form click on the form in the product gallery.
    -place your cursor over the small icon in the middle of the cooler pad diagram at the bottom of the form and right click.
    -select save image as to down load.
    -open the file and right click to find the print option.

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  • Mushroom Bag


    The Mushroom Bag secures all the gear in the stern without using any straps and allows you to capitalize on the area on the top of your tubes.

    These Bags are ALL Custom made to order. You can find the Order forms under our Resources Page.

    They are constructed with a mesh made of polyester coated with vinyl. This material blocks out 90% of light and is a much tighter weave than standard river bags.

    Prices at $325 for small boats and go up from there!

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  • Oar Tethers


    Keep your expensive oars attached to your boat with these simple and quite tethers.

    Price is for set of two.


    See the below link for an explanation of how these work.

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  • Propane Coozy


    Protect your gear from sharp metal edges with the Propane Coozy. I have Patterns set up for the two tanks in the photo, 5 lb Manchester and 11 lb Worthington.

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  • Pump Me Up Bag


    This bag keeps your barrel pump secure and protects it from the harsh elements. The straps allow you to strap it to your boat so it doesn't go flying out.
    DRE large fits 34”x20” finished

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  • Spare Oar Rigging Straps


    These straps allow easy rigging of your spare oars. They are fast to deploy your spares when you need one NOW. They also make storing your main oars for transport fast and secure.

    See them in action at:

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  • Spider Rig


    If your looking for a product to secure your gear pile fast and not break the bank this one is for you!!

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  • Stove Stand Stow


    This product is designed to keep all the parts of your stove stand secure and contained. Super durable and was built to take a beating.

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  • Sweat Shirts


    Stay warm and represent your favorite river gear with these great looking shirts.