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High Water MFS/MS 2017

Please enjoy the following journal writing from Dave Brabec about last years Pre-Season trip. This was Dave’s first time on the MFS/MS trip so we figured 8′ on the MF Lodge gauge was as good of flow as any. It’s fun read and great to hear someones perspective that is new to these great sections […]

9/25/17 Cataract Canyon Part 1

Trip report and current conditions for Cataract Canyon via Mineral Bottom 9/25_10/1/2017 We had a crew of 6. I got the permit through the website about 3 weeks before our launch. Once you submit your info it takes a few days for them to review and send the link for you to pay. When your […]

9/25/17 Cataract Canyon Conclusion

What we saw as we approached rapid 29 was not immateriality distinguishable, but a few minutes later is became apparent by the flotsam, that someone was having an epic. We set a course to intercept what was revealed shortly, as a flat bottom john boat with a small outboard that had attempted to up run […]