All Weather Tarp Shelter

If you are looking for a Tarp set up that is solid and won’t break the bank, This one is made For You! Available in multiple sizes to accommodate your group.

This item is Made To Order



This Tarp is constructed of 10 millimeter Industrial Polyethylene that is Ultraviolet treated to reflect sunlight and has 14 x 14 cross weave for strength. We then reinforce the corners and mid points on each side with heavy duty Vinyl and a stainless steal D ring to attach guy lines. A 3/8″ center line is then attached with Prusik’s to allow you to adjust the center line tension for an optimal pitch. The product works best with using our rope kit that includes 1/4″ rope for guy lines (2@ 100ft, 2@50ft,). We suggest adding a combination of Sand Stakes for and 16″ Aluminum stakes for anchors.

One of the best parts of this product is the Price Point!!! During bad weather we often drag the fire pan to the edge of the tarp and keep the party going. Try that with a $600 tarp and you won’t be invited back!

$275 12×16′ Tarp (tarp only 7.5 lbs)
$300 16×20′ Tarp (tarp only 11.4 lbs)
$325 18×24′ Tarp (tarp only 15.5 lbs)

$65 Rope Kit (2@ 100ft, 2@50ft, 2@25ft)
$55 Sand Stake
$28 Med Stake


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