Keep it Cooler Pad


Our Cooler Pads are padded for comfort and to shield UV rays. They are made to take a beating and each pad is made to fit your cooler lid. The order form is in the product gallery. Follow the instructions on the form.

To Download and print form click on the form in the product gallery.
-place your cursor over the small icon in the middle of the cooler pad diagram at the bottom of the form and right click.
-select save image as to down load.
-open the file and right click to find the print option.

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If you have ever had a box with ethafoam glued to the top you have seen the shortcomings. It breaks down in UV light fast, holds water and crumbles every time you brush against it. If you have ever sat on a paco pad, you know how it feels to sit in a puddle of water all day and every time you need in the box you’re fighting with the pad. Our design addresses all of the above issues. There are multiple options to attach the pad. I can put stainless steel snaps on the bottom of the cover and you install the male piece of the snap to your lid. I can put grommets on two of the corners so a piece of P cord can be attached to the cross bar. Another option is to sew strap tunnels on the bottom of the pad made out of 2″ webbing. This allows you to run your loop straps, that hold your box down, through the bottom of the pad securing both pad and box while keeping the straps hidden.


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