Drop N Go Bag


Our Drop N Go Bag is a revolutionary design that increases efficiency when rigging your boat. Simply place your gear in the bag, cover it and then strap.

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Our Drop N Go Bag is a very secure way to contain you gear with or without a hatch cover. I have seen tables shift during a flip and the contents be donated to the river fund. Using the bag without a hatch cover allows for more volume in the bag and lends well for fly in trips. It is also nice to be able to leave a table behind when your on a trip with a lot of boats and the table count exceeds the trip participants.

There is a picture that shows how I construct the bottom and closures out of one piece of fabric. The closure and frame straps are all continuous which increases strength significantly. The seams on the side are reinforced with binding. A Piece of foam, that can be replaced,  protects the bottom of your boat and the bag. This also helps the bag maintain a fairly flat bottom. The Good news is you don’t need a $220 camp table https://apotheke-zag.de/. The bad news is it takes a lot of time and material.


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