XL Pop Up kitchen shelter


If your looking for a fast way to set up a kitchen shelter look no further.

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This system creates a 10×20′ shelter that can house a large kitchen or small kitchen and living room. It incorporates a 10×10′ Quick shade frame and top that we modify to make a larger and more usable space. The best feature of this system is that is sets up quickly and does not require as much rigging as similar size tarps. All shelters have there limitation and like all things in life this systems requires users to know when to fold-em. Wind speeds of 25-30 mph can put a damper on this system but the free standing nature and easy setup make this a great option for those needing sun or rain shelter.

This system includes:
$150- Quick shade Weekender 100 elite frame and top.
$150 10’x11′ extension make with 6.5oz polyester waterproof fabric.
$20 Extension structure poles.
$20 10- 550 cord guy lines.
$30 Extension Pole bag.
$20 Top storage bag.
$75 Quick Shade Frame Bag.


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